Stretching exercises’ health benefits

Stretching is a fairly simple form of physical exercise that provides several health benefits including reduce stress and pain, improve blood flow and flexibility, ease lower back pain, etc.

You may have noticed many times that stretching comes naturally after sitting in a specific position for a long time. You get a good feeling after you stretch unconsciously. Besides that good feeling, stretch workout routine can help lengthen your muscles, create larger gains in flexibility and joint movement, and make your daily living activities easier. No matter what your age is, everyone can learn to stretch, and do while viewing TV, on the PC, or getting ready for bed. It doesn’t require a huge time commitment; just by doing 10-15 minutes of stretching few times a day can improve your health while burning calories. Heavily used in pilates and yoga, stretching is broadly supported these days as a very important part of fitness. Stretching is suggested before you start with any type of exercises, and you don’t need any professional supervision for stretching exercises as they are very easy. Stretching exercises help warm up the body before activity, hence reducing the risk of injury and muscle soreness. Hopefully stretching exercises health benefits given below will inspire you to make stretching exercises a part of your everyday routine!

Stretches for flexibility

Benefits of Stretching Exercises:

Sleep soundly

Relaxing exercises like yoga or gentle stretching can help induce sleep. Some people find that a gentle stretching schedule for some minutes just before going to bed helps promote sleep. Loosening up your body at any time of the day gives you good feeling, however it mainly feels good before bed. So, do stretches gradually and just do what’s comfortable for your level of flexibility. Remember that, 5 minutes to calm yourself before bedtime with a simple stretch is better than staring 1 hour at the ceiling.

Increased flexibility and range of motion

Fitness is usually assessed in four major areas, including aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, body composition and flexibility. Stretching is the main way to increase your flexibility. As you age, your muscles tighten and reduce your overall flexibility, which can put a damper on active lifestyle also hinder day-to-day, regular motions. Tasks that are too easy become extremely difficult like zipping up a dress. Stretching exercises are recommended as it lets you to push your body beyond its comfort level, hence improving your overall physical ability.

You may have to face various health issues due to poor range of motion in your legs and hips such as knee pain, hip pain, and lower back problems. Stretching can reduce the risk of these problems by increasing your range of motion. Increase flexibility in your lower body by assessing your range of motion and stretching the proper leg muscles. Better range of motion allows you to keep better balance, which will further help keep you mobile and less vulnerable to falls.

Increased circulation

Stretching may improve your circulation of blood to the muscles and joints, which brings more nourishment to the muscles and takes out more waste byproducts in the muscle tissue. Furthermore, having better circulation can help protect you against many illnesses like diabetes, kidney disease, etc. If you’ve had any muscle injuries, increased circulation can help lessen your recovery time. As well, stretching improves blood circulation to brain and sharpens your concentration in the morning.

Ease lower back pain

Many a time, people feel back pain as soon as they wake up in the morning. Stretching is recommended for those who actually know that the back pain isn´t caused by illness or injury. The general causes of lower back pain include stiff and tight muscles in the lower back, hamstrings, hips and buttocks. Stretching these muscles will reduce the pain. Stretching is an outstanding way to strengthen the lower back muscles, lessening soreness and pain.

Stress relief

Everyone has stress due to busy life schedule or else, so we constantly search for new ways to relief. Stretching exercises have powerful stress-busting abilities. Stress causes your muscles to contract, becoming tense, which can have negative impact on your body parts. Gentle stretching exercises relax tense muscles that often accompany stress, which helps relax the mind too. Stretching also help boost your mood.

Other health benefits of stretching exercises:

  • It allows your body to perform more with less energy.
  • It can boost artery function and reduce blood pressure.
  • It can help keep your muscles and joints from seizing up and improves elasticity, allowing you to maintain proper posture.
  • It helps in achieving better coordination, muscle control and proper technique in sport.
  • It can help to improve athletic performance in some activities.
  • It decreases the risk of activity-based injuries.

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