Treat Water Blisters on Fingers and Toes

Water Blister contains clear watery substance that take place on the person’s skin particularly on fingers and toes. Water Blisters occur on the toes due to wearing tight shoes. Water blister should be treated after knowing the reason of happening it, because sometimes it leads the serious diseases like chickenpox or an allergic reaction. Go for the appropriate treatment to get rid from water blister on fingers and toes.

Blister appears when a fluid called serum begins to assemble among the outermost layer of the skin and the beneath layer. Generally these blisters are clear but it turns into yellowish-green color when infected. Water blister is harmless skin situation that may not permit a person to concentrate on his daily work because of itchiness. When the water blisters rupture, the person feels pain. The person, who is suffering from diabetes, should take more care to dressing blisters.

Friction is the main cause to the creation of water blisters. Generally, it appears on the hands and feet. Moist skin and warm & humid conditions are mostly responsible for the formation of water blisters. Use bandage to treat the small water blisters. You have to pay more attention to treat large water blister. You should not puncture them because it stops your walk and utilization of your hands. Use plain soap and water and administer iodine to wash your hand after deplete a blister.

Water blisters on the toes

Water blister happens on the feet because of wearing new shoes or tight shoes that continuously stroke against the heels or toes. Tight shoes will cause uneasiness to the toes and form painful blister. When you wear the tight shoes, they put pressure on the skin and boost repeated rubbing between the toes and the shoes. Shoes also make the skin thick and annoyed. Your skin becomes hard and rough and gives you considerable amount of pain. A bug bite may generate an allergic reaction and manifest in the appearance of blisters. Sweating and running exercises also lead water blister.

How to treat the blister on the toes?

You do not need any medical treatment to treat the water blister on the toes. Wrap the ice cubes in the clean cloth and apply it on the affected area. It is natural way to decrease the annoyance of the skin. Anti-fungal medications are available to treat the athlete’s foot. Stay away from tight shoes as they become a cause for the water blister.

Water blister on the fingers

It forms on the hands because of doing the activities in which the hand is in contact with an object that causes rubbing and friction. These activities include swinging a baseball bat, shoveling, playing tennis or raking. Leave the hands wet or do not wipe them clearly may become the cause for this condition. First and second degree of burn is responsible for this blister. Constant intense contact with any object or rubbing for long or short period of time is the main reason for the water blister on the hand.

How to treat the blister on the finger?

Apply the loosely bandage on the blisters. Before treating the blisters, wash your hands with shops because blisters are easily infected.

If you have large blister on the finger then there is need to drain them. With the help of the needle, puncture the blister at the border. Carefully wash out fluid under the blister. Clean your hand with simple water and dry it thoroughly.

You should not eliminate the skin that covers the blister. Leave it on because it gives sufficient defense under the skin. You should not drain blister in the case of infected blister.

To cure the blister speedily, apply antibiotic cream on the blister. It also decreases the chances of an infection. But before using this cream, be sure that you have not any allergy of this cream.

The person, who has blisters on fingers due to burns, should drench the burn in cool water instead of freezing water. You can also use cooling items like aloevera or by an antibiotic cream. Drench the affected area in cool water for 15 minutes every day. If you observed indication like swelling or pus formation, redness and soreness then consult your doctor. Doctor gives proper medicines to cure this type of blister so do not try to heal them yourself.

Diabetes’ patient should not attempt to treat the blister themselves because they have high risk of being infected.

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