Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations Ideas

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and decorating your own Thanksgiving table will definitely give you a lot of fun. There are many Thanksgiving table decorations ideas that will take only little time and money. Learn some quick and easy Thanksgiving table decorating ideas which make the table decoration innovative.

Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations Ideas
Thanksgiving Day
is a harvest festival celebrated chiefly in the US and Canada. Thanksgiving Day falls on 4th Thursday of November in the United States while on 2nd Monday of October in Canada. Thanksgiving holiday is to represent thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation to God, family and friends. Thanksgiving is the time for family and friends, and your table decoration should mirror your joy. For Thanksgiving table decorations, use fall colors and take motivation from nature. You can use flowers, colorful leaves, vegetables, fruits, candles and small accessories in shape of turkey to decorate Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas


A theme based idea is perfect to decorate Thanksgiving table. You can make the themes that centers on the ideas of harvest, nature, and autumn with colors like rich reds, oranges, browns, and goldenrod yellows which assist to evoke an autumnal vibe. To express the harvest theme use pumpkins, gourds, and fruit as added decorations. Finally, to brighten up your dining table use nature elements. To have an additional essence of nature use genuine colored leaves or dried flowers.

Candle Decorations:

Get various size glasses and put a votive, pillar, or long tapered candle in all of them. Insert nuts/ stones/ shells/ beans and spread them evenly in all the glasses. You can also wrap an orange or brown colored ribbon outside the container. Foundation for candles can be prepared from artichokes, apples, and pumpkins by making a hole sufficient enough to hold the candle. You can also put small candles throughout the extra decoration.


Spread the large and small dry leaves all across the table. You can use bright red, yellow and burnt brown, even a few green color leaves. Choose whole leaves in all shapes and sizes and let them to dry all night taking away any loose twigs, critters or rocks. To infuse a great holiday aroma insert vanilla beans, sage or cinnamon sticks to the drying leaves. For an average six-foot table spread the leaves to a one-foot by two-foot area. For mats or a runner, place the leaves between sheets of wax paper. You can also wrap them around the bottom and stem of wine glasses.

Place Cards:

Place cards are simple and beautiful way to decorate thanksgiving table. Use small, clear glass bud vases, shot glasses, votive candleholders or finger bowls in any shapes and sizes and fill up with colorful dried legumes halfway. You can use small cuttings from a seasonal branch or blossom, a small branch of dried berries or a sprig of fake silk flowers in autumnal colors. Also you can attach small birds which are made from cardboard with floral wire. Also write the names of your guests on cards or cloth napkin and put them on table setting. You can place the card in turkey shaped card holders.

Photo Display:

On Thanksgiving table, display small framed photos of family and friends as this will fill the celebration with memories and feelings of family and togetherness. You can also make the frames at home by patterned pieces of paper. Take two patterned pieces of paper and cut one of them in business card size while another piece for the small strip at the base with same width. Stick the photo of every person on the top of the card and adorn with a thanksgiving sticker/ felt wire/ ribbon.


For additional impact a table runner is ideal for thanksgiving table. Combination of basic colors such as copper runner over a chocolate brown table cloth or a velvet runner in burnt orange over a claret red cloth can be used for runner. You can also use burlap, woven or rustic fabric.

Leaf Garland:

Leaf Garland is simple and inexpensive to make. You can make a leaf garland that will look pretty on the center of your table by using needle and fishing wire to cord artificial leaves, berries and beads. To make it attractive use fall-colored bows to the garland.

Pumpkin Vase: Pumpkin Vase is also a great idea for decorating thanksgiving table. You can arrange fresh or artificial autumn flowers in a pumpkin vase. To make pumpkin vase, carve out the top and take away the innards. Then keep a bowl or jar inside the pumpkin and fill it with water if you are using fresh flowers. For an elegant fall look use mini pumpkins for candle holders.

Tree of Thanks:

Tree of Thanks is great for thanksgiving table. You can place squares of paper, pens and paper clips at place of guests so they can write things for which they are thankful as well as use the paper clips to hang them to the tree. To make tree of thanks take a big tree branch and stick it into several floral foam.

Cloth Napkins:

An easy way to decorate a table for Thanksgiving is cloth napkins in the rich pattern. Cloth napkins will add color to Thanksgiving table. Select cloth napkins in colors such as spice orange, burgundy or deep gold and place them in a slight folding pattern or simply roll as well as secure them with fall-themed napkin rings.

Horn of Plenty:

The horn of plenty gives great look to Thanksgiving table. Buy horn from a craft store and put it on a long serving tray as well as put various fruits and vegetables in it. Arrange fruits and vegetables in such a way that they overflow from horn’s opening and onto the serving tray.

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  1. Sumangla Says:

    awesome thanksgiving table decor ideas! fruit flowers nd other edible centerpieces help to set d mood for mah party. these resources instructed me on how to create my own centerpieces.

  2. Matt Says:

    anybody hv idea of thanksgiving table decorations for kids , pls suggest me………

  3. Jackie Says:

    Matt, sorry I’m a year late, but medium size pumpkins that kids can create their own “mr. Potatohead” with using candy, twizzlers, etc… Or cork board place mats and supply them with festive stickers to decorate. Then they can take as a party favor and hang in their room for photos or whatever else

  4. Jackie Says:

    Or pilgrims and Indians decorated paper hats with chin straps. Kinda like birthday party hats? Maybe have the hats be every other and already placed under their plates so it doesn’t influence where they want to sit haha

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