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At SweetAdditions.net we make humble effort to provide you daily sweet dose of information for your body, mind and soul. This Blog roll is all about Health and Nutrition. These are the two much hyped words in the world today and there is no dearth to the sources that help you find more about them. However, what sets this blogsite apart is its potential to guide you through modest and practical advises on food and health tips of traditional origin. It’s hard to find diet tips that have been practiced in rich ancient cultures of varied origins and the secret to the longevity of most of our ancestor’s lives have been based on these secret ingredients.

That is not all; you would also find a wide variety of recipes, favorable to your wellness and balanced nutrition, which is known worldwide as well. Along with the recipes, additional information is given associated with the recipe that give details of the specific health benefits rendered by that recipe. It is more like a one-stop-shop really, and you needn’t rack your brains in searching for segregated information on the web.

Experts on our site have taken the pains to categorize information that belongs to different categories under health and nutrition. We majorly focus on food and drinks that help in effective weight loss. It’s not surprising to know that many people are victim to overweight issues. This affects their health in many different ways. Not all diets or exercise seem to work. However, there are some truly tried and tested and also ones with immense scientific reasoning backing them up amongst the food we suggest for your weight loss.

Apart from that we also have nutrition advice that would benefit mothers-to-be, since that is the crucial phase which sets the foundation for the unborn baby’s health and development.

Coming up are articles that feature significant and sparsely known information on various minerals and vitamins. Information that appertain the food source and the quantitative requirement of these nutrition additives of your body would be elucidated in these articles.

If you have felines and canines at home, watch out for the food tips to optimize the health of your four-legged loved ones too.

Get your Daily Sweet Additions, Stay Healthy and Rock Your World!!!

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